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"Our son, Gavin, stayed full days at Lisa's "Little Sneakers" day care from the time he was 3 months old until he started pre-K, then part-time until he entered full-day Montessori.  We love Lisa's interaction with all the kids and the attention she gives to educational and fun activities.  She does all the things I would have done with Gavin had I been able to not work and be home with him every day.
The other great advance Lisa helped Gavin with was toilet training.  He had an easy and quick transition from diapers to pull-ups to pants.  No fears, no tears, no muss, no fuss!  I am forever grateful for that.  I never even had to think about it.  I just got tips from Lisa regarding what I should be doing at home to complement her efforts during the weekdays.  A Mom's dream!
Lisa is an open and cooperative person, easy to communicate with and very reliable.  You cannot do better for day care for your kid(s) than entrusting them to Lisa.  We keep up with Lisa to this day and consider her a friend for life."
Donna Sobieski and Jim Hawkins
"My son attended Little Sneakers daycare from ages six months to three years.  After having experienced a questionable home daycare environment with him, it was a complete relief to find Lisa.  She genuinely enjoys all of the children while engaging them in age-appropriate crafts and activities and disciplining them appropriately.  Lisa really goes out of her way to think up new and creative activities that all of the children can enjoy together at their own skill level.  The children receive nutritious, varied meals and snacks and sometimes they even help prepare.  I feel my son received exceptional care at all times and that his language and social abilities are advanced for his age due to the attention and encouragement that he received from Lisa."
Kat Cuttitta
"After having my daughter with Lisa for 4 years I couldn’t think of having anybody else take care of my 3 month old son…Lisa is caring, competent, and flexible and my kids learned so much during day care! She made my life much easier by having the kids follow rules and routines, like potty training and cleaning up their toys, which I could continue at home. Both my kids were very happy to go to day care every day and still miss her after years of school. I would recommend “Little Sneakers Day Care” to anyone who wants to go to work every day without worrying about their children, knowing that they are in best possible care! "
Laura T.
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