Little Sneakers Daycare - early educational program for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
The Tattler
Winter 2017
A Snow Poem
Author unknown 

   See the pretty snowflakes

       Falling from the sky;

 On the wall and housetops

 Soft and thick they lie.


On the window ledges,

 On the branches bare;

 Now how fast they gather,

 Filling all the air.


Look into the garden,

 Where the grass was green;

 Covered by the snowflakes,

 Not a blade is seen.


Now the bare black bushes

 All look soft and white,

 Every twig is laden,

 What a pretty sight!

Butterfly release day
May 11
The kids really enjoyed the butterflies. The butterflies themselves were surprisingly tame and patient while the children held them and had a chance to observe them close up before flying away. 
Looking for one or two very special 2-3 year olds interested in becoming a
 "Little Sneaker".
No experience necessary.
Girls and Boys may apply.
We are an equal opportunity
day care.
I want to thank everyone again for all your kind words towards me,the care your children receive and the website. You inspire me to be the best I can be!  Thanks---Lisa
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